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Menstrual cups – we call them Untertassen – are the ideal alternative to tampons and sanitary towels, and are kind to the body and the environment.

You can buy your menstrual cups here online and find all the important facts on them. You can order different types of menstrual cups here and also cotton panty liners and cloth sanitary towels in different sizes and thicknesses.

Our menstrual cups are available in different sizes and also in different lengths and hardness levels. Are you wondering how to find the menstrual cup that´s right for you amongst this large selection? We have a table of sizes and other criteria for you.

Benefits of menstrual cups versus sanitary towels:

  • Less waste, or none at all
  • No harmful chemicals (good for the body and the environment)
  • Lower costs (a once-only payment when purchasing)
  • Ensure that the natural vaginal environment is maintained.
  • Never run out

We not only sell menstrual cups and cloth sanitary towels, but also vaginal cones and balls - so you can train the pelvic floor at the same time, and make it even easier to insert your cup. We also have all the accessories you need to clean and store your menstrual cup.

Interesting facts about menstrual cups

Are you wondering about how menstrual cups are used? We have written a summary of all you need to know about menstrual cups and the most frequently asked questions! We answer your questions, including the following - how does a menstrual cup work? How do I insert a menstrual cup?

We also provide you with tips on how to fold your menstrual cup and about folding techniques for menstrual cups. We'll give you some tips on inserting and removing the menstrual cup and what you have to do when using a menstrual cup. New items are regularly posted on our blog on the latest topics. For example, about TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome) and menstrual cups.

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