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Luneale from France is the 'Chanel' of menstrual cups. Due to its thought out shape and the revolutionary MoodPad it distinguishes itself from the other cups in our selection and combines smooth use with a great design! Luneale is available in 3 sizes that the manufacturer has divided up according to the strength of the bleeding:

Luneale Small
for light to medium bleeding

the diameter of the Luneale small is 40 mm and it is 50 mm high
the capacity is 20 ml

Luneale Medium
for medium to strong bleeding

the diameter the Luneale medium is 43 mm and it is 52 mm high
the capacity is 25 ml

Luneale Large
for very strong bleeding

the diameter of the Luneale medium is 46 mm and it is 51.5 mm high
the capacity is 30 ml

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Luneale - the secret to its success is in the design

Exclusively at 'Untertasse': La Cup Luneale - the menstrual cup with a revolutionary and unique design.

The most outstanding feature immediately catches the eye: the cup does not have an annoying straw or handle. No more bothersome and annoying pricking and pressing and no more cutting it down to make it more comfortable: La Cup Luneale has developed a special, rough holding area as a replacement for them - the so-called MoonPad®. Both of these pads - the notches at the end of the cup - enable high comfort wear, improve the user-friendliness during insertion and optimise the security of the cup by avoiding the effect of 'suction' during removal.

A small revolution - designed and produced in France

The cup is made from high-quality and pure medical grade silicon. This means it is biocompatible, does not contain any allergens bisphenol, perfume, latex...), is naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial. You can choose from three different sizes, according to the strength of your bleeding.

Fold. Insert. Turn.

The first step begins as usual: fold the Luneale using your preferred technique and insert the menstrual cup. In contrast to the others, you will now already notice and feel the first differences. Thanks to the MoonPad® the cup is much easier to bend and insert.

To make sure that the cup is inserted properly you have to grip the notches of the MoonPads® with your thumb and forefinger and turn the cup until it is in the right position. The special shape let the fingertips feel the MoonPad® instinctively. Due to the rough surface of the pads you always have a secure grip.

Once it is in the right position the cup adapts to your shape perfectly and goes along with all movements of your body - here it does not matter if you dance freely, are relaxing during yoga or would like to go for a run in the park.

Feel it. Turn it briefly. Remove it securely.

The Luneale is removed as easily as it is inserted. Here you also have up to 12 hours protection without a problem. In order to remove the Moonpad® you just have to feel it and squeeze it briefly using your fingers to remove the vacuum. Then turn it again briefly and remove it.

Here you can also see the advantage of the MoonPads®: there is no danger of an unwanted suction, because the vacuum loosens automatically from gripping and squeezing the special surfaces. Uncomplicated and safe.

Cleaning and disinfecting works as usual here and it does not need any special care.

The secret to success is in the special design.

During the development of the revolutionary design the work was done together with midwives and users of menstrual cups in order to be able to take the needs of users into consideration. This is also where the improved design of the upper ring was developed, alongside the innovative MoonPad®. But what exactly makes the design so unique?

The upper ring of the Luneale is modelled after the shape of a droplet. This makes it ergonomic and improves the seal compared to the common round profiles that can usually be found on the market. The outer profile of the ring is applied flat here and offers an additional contact surface with the body. On the inside of the ring you will however find a notch that ensures that everything can flow naturally into the bottom of the cup.

It is just a further small detail but it changes everything and makes the cup more secure than anything that you have known before.

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