Supplies for cleaning and storing your menstrual cup

Here, you'll find different cleaning products for your menstrual cup and everything else you'll need to clean it.

Along with a wide range of menstrual cups, in our online shop you'll find everything you need for storing, cleaning and disinfecting your menstrual cups.

Including viscose cleaning cloths for your menstrual cups. They're perfect for cleaning and disinfecting your cup on the go, even without water.

For on the go, we also have a protective, alcohol-free cleaning spray. It has a pH neutral formula and is therefore perfect for intimate use. It removes lint, bacteria and other harmful matter and can be used both before and after insertion. You can also easily clean your cones and vaginal balls with our cleaning spray. Simply spray onto the surface, wait a while and wipe it clean with a cloth - perfect for cleaning rubber, silicone and latex.

For disinfecting menstrual cups, we also stock a range of cleaning beakers. Our sterilisation beakers are made of food-safe silicone and are free of harmful substances.

You will also find sterilisation tablets for the thorough cleaning of your menstrual cup after your period. They are easy to use and particularly effective because they provide extensive protection against germs and pathogens.

In addition to supplies for menstrual cups you will also find intimate douches, liquid soaps and disinfectants.

The intimate doucheis particularly small and easy to use. You can insert it into a normal bottle, turning it into a portable bidet.

The liquid soap is especially made for silicone menstrual cups. Lemon and eucalyptus oil have a moisturising effect and are particularly gentle on mucous membranes. As such, the soap is perfect for allergy sufferers.

The sanitiseris quickly absorbed and also takes care of the skin - perfect for cleaning your hands before inserting and removing your cup.

Do you have further questions about storing or cleaning your cup? We have all the answers and a summary of the most important facts about menstrual cups just for you!


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