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Yukki Classic is the hardest cup that we have and is especially qualified for women who have a very good pelvic base (through riding, yoga or similar activities).

The Yuuki Soft is, despite its misleading name, still harder than other cups we have and is recommended for women with good pelvic bases.

Model Yuuki Small is recommended for women with light or normal bleeding and for young women who have not had any natural births. Large is for strong and very strong bleeding as well as for women who have already had children. If in doubt, it's better to get the larger size!

the diameter of the Yuuki Small is 41 mm and it is 49 mm high
the straw is 18 mm long
the capacity is 17.5 ml

the diameter of the Yuuki Large is 46 mm and it is 56 mm high
the straw is 18 mm long
the capacity is 28 ml

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Yuuki - the material makes the difference

European product with high requirements

With the Yuuki menstrual cup you get a high-end product that is made from medical as well as hypoallergenic silicon. This silicon is BPA free, does not contain softeners and is approved for medical use or for use in the food industry. The Czech manufacturer is specialised in producing medical products as well as feminine hygiene products. The manufacturer makes the product in a clean room. This specialised work environment ensures that all requirements for the ISO 9001 standard are fulfilled. You get a high-end product with very good organic compatibility with the Yuuki cup.

With the right care the Yuuki can last for up to 10 years. This makes it very ecological and environmentally friendly.

Compared to other menstrual cups the Yuuki is made from harder material which is perfect for women with strong pelvic bases.

Which Yuuki is best for me?

You can choose from different models of the Yuuki menstrual cup. But - which model is best for whom and what are the differences?

With the Yuuki Soft and Yuuki Classic you get menstrual cups without any colouring because they are made from transparent silicon.

The series Rainbow Jolly and Rainbow Line are coloured like a rainbow.

In general the Yuuki cup is categorised as the strongest cup on the market because the degree of hardness is higher in comparison to other products.

The models Yuuki Soft, Rainbow Jolly and Rainbow Line are made from softer silicon and therefore suited best for sensitive women as well as those who are new to menstrual cups.

The model Yuuki classic is made from harder silicon and is ideal for sporty women with tight pelvic bases. The cup is currently the hardest menstrual cup on the market.

All Yuuki cups have a hollow straw at the end that makes the removal easier. If required this can be shortened individually. The surface of the Yuuki models are characterised by good slipperiness. In addition the cup has notches on the lower end that make it easier to grip it during the extraction. At the upper cup edge there are small holes that ensure the vacuum is loosened quicker. The whole material is soft and smooth but with a certain tension. This allows an especially good support.

Yuuki - perfect for an active life.

No matter what you would like to do, Yuuki goes along with it! Because of it's high degree of hardness this cup is ideal for all sporty and active people. The cup can be worn everywhere - no matter if you're jogging, swimming, riding or hiking in the mountains. The cup does not disturb you and guarantees safe protection at all times.

Every Yuuki is supplied with a disinfection box, the INFUSER BOX. This is not only qualified for appropriate disinfection but is also the ideal travel companion and the most clean place to keep the Yuuki cup at home.

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Customer Reviews

Bisher der beste Cup Review by Schnookee
Ich habe die Yuuki 2 Soft seit etwa einem Jahr in Verwendung. Wie in der Beschreibung erwähnt, ist sie besonders für Frauen mit sehr straffem Beckenboden. Ich verliere zB weder beim Husten noch Trampolinspringen Harn, ich kenne so etwas nicht einmal. Ich habe 2 Kinder mit KS geboren, ob mein Muttermund hoch oder niedrig ist kann ich nicht beurteilen, ich habe mir aber das Rückholstäbchen bei meiner Yuuki Tasse abgeschnitten.
Die 2 - für mich - am positivsten zu beurteilenden Merkmale sind:

+ Sie ist, durch ihre (auch in der soft Version) immer noch sehr harte Ausführung die einzige Tasse, die bei meinem sehr straffen Beckenboden problemlos aufploppt und dicht ist. alle andren getesteten Tassen haben Probleme, sich gegen den Druck meiner Muskeln vollständig zu entfalten.

+ Ich habe eine sehr starke Blutung, ein Super Plus Tampon würde nach 1,5 Stunden sein Fassungsvermögen erreicht haben. Dank der Mengenmarkierung auf der Tasse weiß ich nun, dass ich am ersten und zweiten Tag der Periode 80-90 ml Blut pro Tag verliere. Die Yuuki hält damit ca 3 Std durch bis sie überläuft, das spürt man dann aber recht gut und kann auf die Toilette gehen.

+ Dass die Schmerzen damit weniger werden ist sehr subjektiv, aber ich habe auch das Gefühl, dass die Krämpfe zurück gegangen sind. Die Kopfschmerzen und die Krämpfe vor der Periode sind natürlich unbeeinflusst.

Was mich speziell an der Yuuki etwas stört ist:

- mir kommt vor, dass der harte Rand der Tasse mir den Harnleiter abdrückt und ich deshalb das Gefühl habe, die Blase nicht richtig entleeren zu können. Bei weniger harten Tassen habe ich das Gefühl nicht so intensiv.

(Posted on 01/02/2017)

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