Ladypad Sanitary pad with insert "Natur"

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Sanitary pad with insert

The waterproof sanitary pads are ideal for use during the day. These sanitary pads are made up of a shell and removable pads. They are made with a waterproof layer, this is why the are the ideal replacement for menstrual cups. LadyPad sanitary pads with insert are also a great choice in cases of incontinence.

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LadyPad pantyliners and sanitary pads are made from 70% organic bamboo and 30% certified organic cotton. They provide good protection for environmentally friendly women, both for those with allergies and those who are sensitive to chemicals.


LadyPads can be washed in a washing machine or by hand and dried in a drier. Wash a new LadyPad before use. They last for 3 to 5 years if the care instructions are followed.


Place the LadyPad with the printed side on the panties. Fold the sides and button up the bachelor buttons. 

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