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Lena small is usually recommended for women with weaker and Lena large for women with stronger bleeding!

Lena small:

the diameter of Lena small is 41 mm and it is 71 mm high
the straw is 25 mm long
the capacity is 25 ml

Lena large:

the diameter of Lena large is 45 mm and it is 70.5 mm high
the straw is 19.7 mm long
the capacity is 30 ml

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The Lena menstrual cup is a healthy and environmentally friendly alternative for sanitary pads and tampons. The bell shaped Lena is a reusable silicon menstrual cup that collects your menstruation blood. Inserted like a tampon, the Lena sits comfortably in your vagina and can be worn safely and comfortably for up to 12 hours.

The basic idea for the development of Lena was to make the most comfortable and functional cup - this was further developed to perfection. The soft silicon and the unique bell design offers irritation-free, comfortable wear and guarantees complete protection. When positioned correctly, neither the cup nor the straw can be felt!

Lena is made is California from American, medical silicon and biocompatible colouring. It is free from toxins and is one of the few menstrual cups on the market that is registered with the strict FDA (Food and Drug Association).

You can use Lena while dancing, swimming, riding a bike and also during the night. With Lena one feels reborn. It is made for women of every age, shape and sexual experience and available in two sizes. In principal the smaller size is recommended with weaker and the larger with stronger bleeding.

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