Frequently asked questions and important facts of menstrual cups


What's the right way to put in the menstrual cup and how should it sit?

Using a menstrual cup takes a bit of practice, but it fact it's really easy. You should take note of a couple of basic things (as with other hygiene items):

  • Before inserting: wash your hands or use hand disinfectant.

  • The folding

    In order to insert a cup well, you have to fold it. There are various techniques for this. To find out which works best for you and your cup, you have to try it out. We have an overview of the best folding techniques for you.

  • Relax

    The more you can relax and let your muscles go loose, the easier it is to put in. The more often you use a cup, the easier it will be for you.

  • Insert

    Depending on what is easiest for you, you can put the cup in whilst sitting, standing or squatting. You should put in the cup far enough so that you can no longer feel it.

  • Placing

    Run your finger around the edge of the cup, in order to test if you have folded it properly. For the correct position, tense your vaginal muscles a couple of times. Usually this makes the cup slip into the right place and fit to your body. You can also do a little dance, so that the muscles also relax and the cup slips automatically into the right position.

If the insertion doesn't go so well at the start, you can dampen the menstrual cup with water or use a little water-based lubricating gel. Practice makes perfect!



The various folding techniques

In order to insert the cup well, first you have to fold it together. Whatever technique you use depends entirely on your personal taste and what is most comfortable for you. As soon as the cup is in place, it unfolds by itself.


The cup is held in both hands, between the thumb and the forefinger. The thumbs are next to each other in the middle and they press the edge in. At the same time, the index fingers press the cup towards the thumbs. The cup is then inserted in this shape.

This folding is relatively easy, but it only shrinks the cup a little.


The S-Folding works like a doubled C. From the top the cup looks like an S.

This technique is mainly suitable for women with a slender build. The S-Folding makes the cup especially small.

The Shell or Punch Down Folding

Here the edge of the cup is pressed down in one place, so that the rest of it closes up again into a cross and the diameter becomes smaller. With the other hand one can hold the shape and insert the cup.

This folding technique is admittedly a little harder, but it makes the cup smaller and easier to insert.

The Lily

The cup, as with the C-Folding, is held with both thumbs and index fingers. The thumbs again go in the middle, next to one another. The edge of the cup is pressed down in the centre at a slanted angle with a thumb (where the handle is) and is held with the other hand in this position.

With this technique, which requires a little practice, the cup can be folded up very small.


Do I feel my menstrual cup?

When you have found the correct size and length and the cup is also placed correctly, then you can't feel it during moving, or when still. The menstrual cup should also not apply pressure. If the handle of the cup pricks you or disturbs you in any other way, you can carefully shorten it with nail scissors and file down the sharp end with a nail file.


My menstrual cup is leaking - why is that?

Some women have problems with their menstrual cups - for instance, that the cup is not sealed or leaks. This is either because you have chosen the wrong cup or it is not placed correctly. We are happy to help you choose the correct cup. Write us an email at:

A cup that doesn't fit has no contact with the vaginal wall and cannot create a vacuum. This vacuum ensures that the cup can neither slip out of position nor that blood can escape from it.

It may also be the case that the cup doesn't unfold after insertion. You can easily test this by running your finger once around the edge of the cup.

If the cup doesn't unfold properly, this could also be because it is too soft for your pelvic floor.

After birth, new mothers should move up to a larger cup, to ensure that it sits correctly.


How long can I use the menstrual cup for and how often must it be emptied? Can I clean my menstrual cup on the go?

You can use your cup for up to 12 hours without a problem. But how often you need to empty your cup depends mainly on the heaviness of your period and differs from person to person.

A menstrual cup can also be used without a problem for a very heavy period and doesn't cause any odours. For a heavy period, it makes sense to use a large model.

When you empty your cup, it's best to wash it out firstly with cold and then with warm water. If there is no sink or water available for the menstruation cup, if needs be you can wipe it out with toilet paper or wet wipes and wash it thoroughly at home or at the next opportunity. Alternatively, you can also use your water bottle or a wearable bidet, e.g. the Hygienna.

We recommend to empty the cup three to four times a day at first. Then you will get a feel for how often you actually have to empty it on which day.

If you still don't fully trust your cup, you can also use a panty liner.


When should I get a new menstrual cup?

If you take good care of your cup, you can use it for years.

However, if the surface of the cup changes or becomes discoloured, you should change it immediately.


How do I remove a menstrual cup?

The removal of the menstrual cup is also very easy with a bit of practice:

  • Don't forget to wash your hands before removal!
  • You can remove the cup whilst sitting, standing or squatting, depending on whichever you prefer.
  • First, press your pelvic floor muscles outwards whilst simultaneously grasping the bottom of the cup. If you're having trouble with this, you can grab the top of the handle. By squeezing, you can release the vacuum and then easily take out the cup.
  • Then you should take out the cup as soon are you are sure that the vacuum has gone. And on no account pull on the handle - then the vacuum will remain and you will get a blue stain in a very awkward place.
  • You can easily empty the contents of the cup down the toilet. You will be surprised at how little blood there actually is.
  • Finally, don't forget the cleaning!

At first, there may be a couple of problems with the removal of the cup. But then it is especially important to relax. It's best to huddle down into a squat, while you grab the cup. Remain patient - after a few times you will have enough practice and the removal of your menstrual cup will be very easy!


How do I clean the menstrual cup? Are there tips for moving around?

Before using the menstruation cup for the first time and after every period you should boil wash the cup or clean it with special sterilisation tablets.

It is very important to have adequate hygiene when using a menstrual cup.

During your period, it is enough to wipe out the cup with wet wipes and rinse it with special cleaning sprays. Everything you need for this you can get in our shop. You can also easily rinse out the cup with water. But then you should be careful to use first cold and then warm water. This will avoid discolouration.

Also be careful that the small holes are not clogged. They are needed to regulate the vacuum.

While on the move, you can also wipe out the menstrual cup with a wet wipe or with toilet paper, when you have nothing else to hand. But then you should be careful that no fluff remains in the cup. Or you can easily take a bottle of water and rinse out the cup over the toilet.

When travelling or at a festival, a menstrual cup is also no problem. On the contrary: You can keep it in your body for a very long time and you also don't have to worry about taking new tampons or sanitary pads with you.

Don't forget to wash your hands!

And here is another tip for everyone who spends a lot of time in nature: During a hike one rarely has clean water to hand, let alone a toilet in the vacinity. However, in order to clean your cup properly, you can simply pee on your cup. That might seem a bit strange right now, but it's not only practical but also sensible. Urine is exceptionally sterile and so ideal for cleaning your cup.


How does the sterilisation work?

For the sterilisation of your cup it's best to use special cleaning tablets, which you put in a sterilisation cup along with water. This is not only the easiest way, but also the safest. You can get the tablets from our shop.

You can also sterilise your cup by boiling it or in the microwave. For this you lay the cup in a pan with boiling water and leave it boiling there for two minutes - no longer, so set an alarm ! It is important that there is enough water in the pan, so the cup doesn't touch the bottom.

In order to sterilise the cup in the microwave, lay it in enough water in a microwavable container and then likewise heat it for two minutes.

So that your menstrual cup lasts as long as possible, under no circumstances should you use an aggressive cleaner, which for example is actually used for heavy-duty cleaning.


How do I store my menstrual cup properly?

The easiest and simplest way is to store your cup in the cotton bag provided or in a wet bag in a dark location. So that the cup doesn't become porous, you should absolutely protect it from direct sunlight.


How many menstrual cups do I need?

Since you can directly clean your cup and use it again after empting, you really only need one cup. If your period is especially heavy on some days we recommend that you bring a second cup with you for the heavy days, so that you don't have to change the little cup so often.

Once you have found a suitable model, you can of course, as fancy takes you, order it in different colours.


Can a menstrual cup provoke allergies or cause a fungal infection?

Our menstrual cups are exclusively made from medical-grade silicone, which inherently does not cause allergies. In individual cases and with especially delicate women, an allergic reaction is, however, possible.

If you clean your cup regularly and as recommended, no bacteria or fungi will develop. On the contrary: you can also use your cup during vaginal mycosis. The cup does not interfere with or irritate vaginal flora and often contributes to healing.

However, if you have a fungal infection, you should go to the doctor in any case and get professional help. Additionally, you should boil your cup 3 x 20 minutes, so as not to become reinfected with the fungus.


Can I also use my menstrual cup for discharge or after a birth?

You can also use your menstrual cup without a problem for heavy discharge.

But under no circumstances should menstrual cups be used to collect lochia; as lochia are blood from sores and not menstrual blood, there is a higher risk of infection.


Do I have to shorten the handle for each cup? How can I shorten the handle?

The handle of a menstrual cup is there in order to remove the cup after you have released the vacuum by squeezing. But it is not absolutely necessary for removal.

The handles of the individual brands differ in shape and length.

If the handle of your cup bothers you and you can feel it, you can easily shorten it or completely remove it. The sharp edges can easily be filed off with a nail file. It's best to only cut it bit by bit and in the meantime test how it feels to wear.

But make sure that you don't damage the cup when cutting the handle!


From what age can one use menstrual cups?

Menstrual cups, because of their differing sizes and shapes, are suitable for all women of every age. A menstrual cup can be used by every teenager from their first period.


I am still a virgin - can I still use a menstrual cup?

Even if you have never had sex, you can easily use the menstrual cup.

However it may happen that when inserting the cup, your hymen is damaged. But that can also happen during sport, and is totally normal.

In any case take enough time to practice the insertion and to ensure safety in contact with your cup. Also, you absolutely must use a very small cup.


Can I do sport with a menstrual cup and also go swimming?

You can practise any sport that you want to whilst wearing your menstrual cup The cup fits to your body and matches all movements with no problem. So nothing can slip or leak.

Even while swimming, a menstrual cup fits better than a tampon, since tampons become filled with water and so can cause an infection.

You can also wear your menstrual cup in the sauna.


Menstrual cups and contraception - can I use a menstrual cup with a coil or contraceptive ring?

In principle, there is nothing to say that you cannot use a menstrual cup with a coil (whether a copper or hormone coil) or a contraceptive ring aka Nuvaring.

However, we advise that you discuss it beforehand with your doctor, as it mainly depends on how long the thread of the coil is. What is important is that the coil is not trapped between the vaginal wall and the menstrual cup.

The contraceptive ring or Nuvaring is always worn on three weeks in a row. In the week without the ring, you should get your period. Then inserting the menstrual cup is also not a problem.


Can I use my menstrual cup during sex?

We advise you not to have sex whilst wearing the menstrual cup and recommend the soft tampons available from a pharmacy.

However, oral sex is very possible with the menstrual cup.


Can I also use a menstrual cup for insemination?

For insemination, as well as to support impregnation after sex, there are special caps, which in principle work the same as menstrual cups. Only the shape is a bit different - the special caps look like shells. However menstrual cups and insemination caps are both made from silicone.

The sperm donation should be put in the cup as soon as possible. The more sperm go into the vagina, the higher the possibility of pregnancy. Additionally, you can make it easier for the sperm to fight gravity by laying down with a cushion under your bottom.

You can also insert the cup after sex to prevent sperm leaking and make pregnancy more likely.


Why should I buy my menstrual cup online?

As in the past, it is very hard to get menstrual cups commercially. And so when you find yourself in a pharmacy or chemist, the choice is very limited.

The advantage of our shop is that with us you can get many different brands, and therefore shapes and sizes. You can easily compare them and get an overview. You can find more information on the individual brands on our blog, which we update for you regularly.

Also, at Untertasse we only sell menstrual cups from certified manufacturers and also offer the matching products for cleaning and sterilisation.


How does that work with collection?

You can collect your order yourself, providing that we have confirmed your payment. When paying via an instant payment method such as PayPal, credit card, instant transfer or EPS, the confirmation takes place immediately after ordering; by transfer (advance payment) you have to wait for the money to reach our account. To collect, please select "Self-collection upon confirmation" when ordering, and then the shipping costs are omitted. Since we have no premises, we have no fixed opening times and you have to collect your order from our flat. When the order has been processed, you will be contacted by us in order to arrange a suitable appointment. The collection address is Schottenfeldgasse 95/28 (through the yard, 3rd floor) in the 7th municipal district of Vienna. We hope to accommodate you by providing the option for self-collection - at the end of the day, not everyone wants to bear the shipping costs. But please also understand that we have to coordinate the collection appointment with the reality of our family lives.

If you have further questions, don't delay and contact us at!